Calendar of events in Spain

The European Career week in Spain will be held from 2-5 th of May, 2022. The activities will be two webinars based on the model to develop Career Management Skills and a workshop related with experiences and resources to know and use them to help in Career Management Skills’ development. These activities will be developed with practitioners, professionals, teachers, researchers and students from different University levels (Degree and Master). The main goals are to present these topics, reflect about them and create ideas in order to adapt them to Spanish context.

Date Time Activity
03/05/2022 16.30 Webinar I. Careers: A model to develop the Careers Management Skills
04/05/2022 16.30 Webinar II. Careers: A model to develop the Careers Management Skills
05/05/2022 16.30 Workshop. Careers: Experiences and resources to Career Management Skills’ Development
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