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WP6, Pilot Actions and Improvement


CMS in a Regional system

The pilot worked to highlight the importance of CMS as a fundamental element for practitioners. In the pilot, experts from Pluriversum worked with staff from the Piedmont Region to implement the CMS within an extensive training course for practitioners.
After an initial questionnaire on training needs and the skills’ profile of the practitioners, a training course which included a module on the CAREERS AROUND ME CMS framework was attended by 650 practitioners. Several editions took place in Piedmont with the direct involvement of career guidance counsellors, teachers and other experts working with young people from 11 to 22.

Target Group: Teachers, practitioners, young people (age 11-22)

CMS as a curricular subject in secondary school

In this pilot, the CAREERS AROUND ME framework guided the definition of a 60-hours course for secondary school students (17-18-19 years old students). 23 students coming from different classes of the Liceo Marconi in Pesaro attended for the entire academic year 2 hours per week of career guidance activities.
All the activities were inspired by the CMS framework which helped define the learning objectives of the actitivies.

Target Group: Secondary school students (age 17-19)

CMS to guide university career services

In this pilot, the career service staff from University of Camerino, together with practitioners from Pluriversum and technical assistance from Citynet planned and piloted an innovative calendar of career guidance activities for academic students mapped onto the CMS framework.

Target Group: University students

CMS to guide career guidance activities done by universities for secondary school students

In this pilot,  the career guidance staff from University of Camerino, together with practitioners from Pluriversum and technical assistance from Citynet worked together to map the structure of career guidance web services present on the websites of Italian universities. The comparative work led to prototyping a new website for career guidance activities offered by universities to secondary school students. New formats of career information digital activities were also tested with 4 classes from the Macerata province.

Download here the slides of the new career information activity developed.

Target Group: Practitioners, secondary school students, university students

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