03/05/2022 News

CMBRAE will organize during the EUROPEAN CAREER WEEK (2-6 MAY 2022) activities related to the CMS model created within the partnership of the project. Romanian school counsellors from CMBRAE and external experts are ready to promote the CMS framework in a very attractive and interactive way to practitioners, teachers, students, educational directors, inspectors, decision makers, stakeholders at local, regional and national level. It is a great opportunity to connect with the CMS framework and tools provided on the  CAREERS project website:

Thus, a range of activities such as workshops, open lessons, counselling activities in the classroom, presentations, roundtables and debates (face-to-face and/or on-line) are just a few examples of the events already prepared for the EUROPEAN CAREERS WEEK. These educational activities will demonstrate the usefulness and the necessity to familiarize, especially the students, with the CMS framework. We think that this model developed within the project can and will be a very useful resource for career guidance and career counselling, and will help our students to make better decisions and career choices. And, as Tristam Hooley (2017) said “CMS are the skills that you need to navigate through life, learning and work.” So, let’s immerse ourselves in this excellent model!

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